Every trip matters

By studying each and every trip taken by bilions of humans across the globe, we research algorithms to predict in real time traffic, incidents and human behavior. From guessing brand success to improving global CO2 efficiency, let us show you that humanity is largely constrained by its ability to move across cities.

From origin to destination

  • Best-in-class Routing

    We are developing algorithms to compute itineraries in ways that improve global traffic. Better fluidity for everybody, faster for you, less CO2 for our planet.

  • Individual itinerary

    Itineraries should be different for each of us, based on preferences, habits, and individual performance. One word: customization!

  • New transportation modes

    From electric bikes to scooters, segways and flying saucers, we encompass every possible transportation option and help you combine them.

  • Beat traffic

    Instead of waiting for traffic jams to appear, anticipation of predictable behavior improves traffic. Randomization of trips distribute traffic accross equivalent itineraries.

Predict & Simulate

  • Improve our cities

    How would our daily landscape change if 5% more people were using bicycles? Is it a great idea to add lanes to major roads? We aim to design models to test multiple scenarios and validate them.

  • Prepare for the worst

    With accurate simulation of tranportation networks, we can observe and predict the effects of road closures, demonstrations and major incidents.

  • Brand awareness

    In what area should you open a restaurant or a shop? Will people see my ads? What is the profile of potential customers? By predicting every trip, we'll get the answers!

  • Pollution Maps

    By measuring NO2, SO2, CO in key locations, and simulating traffic, we are able to generate the most accurate, real-time, pollution maps. To divert traffic, or to suggest healthy bike routes avoiding pollution.

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